Have Faith Earrings (with wire)


These unique, one of a kind earrings, are the result of metal stamping on aluminum which is hammered and then wrapped in silver plated wire. They are assembled using stainless steel earring hooks.

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This second line of jewelry consists of metal stamping, baked polymer clay and resin, wire wrapping, and the addition of various components. Metal stamping gives me the freedom of creating various text and phrases along with a wide range of symbols. The Nautical and Celtic influences are a natural element in my work as our families immigrated here from the Scottish highlands in the early 1800’s and we are still residing on the original plot of land, overlooking the beautiful St. George’s Bay. The best of both worlds, rolling hills along the coast! This line of jewelry is made of aluminum, copper and brass. The polymer clay is often confused with looking like a stone. It is painted with tinted resin or traditional paint and clear resin. I have recently begun adding local beach glass found on our shores to resin for a beautiful effect.